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Equity Real Estate is an innovative boutique Real Estate Investment, Acquisition Firm and Network which primarily purchases properties in all 50 States of North America and in prime select international locations. We are Real Estate cash buyers and industry disruptors; current market models and agents have not kept pace with changes that social media and technology have facilitated and so there are gaps in the market to break with the old and embrace the new.

Our group is among the largest and most lauded in the Northeast, Midwest, and Southern Markets in North America and strives to deliver world-class solutions for our clients.

No Listing Or Agents
We provide a hassle-free process by sending a cash offer online without requiring an agent. World Property Group will purchase your home sight unseen, therefore there is no need for a listing.

No Repairs Or Upgrades
Your property will be purchased as-is, therefore you won’t have to waste any time or money on repairs. We will manage any repairs following the purchase of your home.

No Staging or Showing
When you receive a cash offer from us you will be forgoing all staging and showings. One less thing to worry about!

No Waiting For Offers
By choosing us, you don’t have to worry about finding and waiting for a buyer. Your online cash offer awaits today.

No Closing Cost
After accepting the cash offer, it is up to you to choose your closing date and move-out date. All closing costs are covered by our group!

No Loan Applications
With us, there is no need for any loan applications or dealing with loan denials.

Request & Evaluation
We follow a rigorous process to evaluate the current value of your property, as it stands. Need to sell quickly, no worries we can move fast to get you an offer within 24 hours.

Review & Sign Online
We send you a proposal to review your offer. You can expect a detailed and top market cash offer for the home as is with no obligation or fees. This includes covering all closing costs!

Set Closing & Get Paid
We are proud to only give cash offers and creative market relevant real estate solutions. Avoid listing agents, loan processes, and unexpected fees. Best of all you choose the closing date or what we like to call pay day.

Offer Portal

Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.

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